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The Project

THE INCORRECT MAN is a satirical comedy about an average family man who becomes public enemy number one when he innocently commits a series of politically incorrect acts.

We have a three-pronged approach to funding including private investors, traditional Hollywood funding, and this online campaign which is a reflection of our desire to involve the audience in the filmmaking process. We need your support to get this film made.

In exchange for your support we are offering some smart, fun, exclusive, even once-in-a-lifetime perks that are intended to create an interactive experience so you can share the movie making process along with us. And that makes this a true win-win. After all, making movies is a unique fun experience and we would like to share it with you! So choose your level of involvement from the blue column on the right.

Your participation is not an equity investment and you will not receive ownership in the film.

The Story

THE INCORRECT MAN is a feature film about an ordinary family man named John Wood, who is sucked into a legal nightmare when he unwittingly violates his town's new Reclamation and Recycling Zero-Tolerance Act. With the town wanting to send a strong message, he receives a hefty fine. Outraged, he decides to fight back, but things quickly snowball out of control and he finds himself the most hated man in America and the target of multiple lawsuits - including one from his own dog. Finally, he is forced to seek the help of a street character known as The Sac who is legendary for his ability to manipulate the system. (more)

The Impact

Movies have the power to make us laugh or cry, to anger or inspire us, to move us, or just to provide escape. In the case of THE INCORRECT MAN, we intend to make you laugh (okay, reflect a bit too - but mostly laugh!) about the often amusing, occasionally head-scratching, sometimes maddening proliferation of political correctness we all read about and experience every day.

Such as the story about the seven-year-old girl in Oregon who had her lemonade stand shut down because she didn't have a business license...or the school in Illinois that no longer allows kids to bring their lunch from home...or the school in Seattle that agreed to have an Easter egg hunt as long as the eggs were called Spring Spheres. Do we need to point out the absurdity of calling Easter eggs Spring Spheres? And what is more of an American rite of passage than a kid setting up a lemonade stand? If we lose these traditions, we are in danger of losing the essence of who we are.

There is a great tradition in filmmaking of movies about one man's effect on the culture - wonderful films like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Network, and Wag the Dog, to name just a few. We aim to add our film to the list of those that entertain while engaging the public in current affairs. And you have the opportunity to be a part of this film.

We are pleased to share with you the following excerpt from the script, where John first meets The Sac:

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Production Assistant Package: $25
Get the Special Edition DVD of the movie with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage + get access to our exclusive Members Only behind- the-scenes website where you will experience an inside look at the production process as you follow us through pre-production, casting, rehearsals, location scouting, shooting, and more + a limited edition movie poster + The Incorrect Man eco-friendly bag + an eBook of the condensed stories of humorist Judith Weizner (the satires that inspired our film) + Supporter credit on our website. (The invaluable "PA" does just about anything and everything on a movie set from getting coffee to making script copies.)
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Grip Package: $50
Get a special edition copy of the screenplay signed by the director, producers, and writer + a signed copy of the limited edition movie poster + an eBook of the complete collected stories of Judith Weizner + Major Supporter credit on our website. PLUS all the previous perks. (GRIPS are trained lighting and rigging technicians. Did you know the term 'grip' dates back to the early era of the circus?)
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Best Boy Package: $100
Get Production Associate credit on the film & our website + 2 invites to the red carpet film premiere + be an extra in the film (transportation not provided) PLUS all the previous perks. (The BEST BOY is the chief assistant to the "gaffer." He (or she) deals with the electric truck, rentals, manpower, and other logistics.)
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Gaffer Package: $250
Get an invitation for 2 to the wrap party with cast and crew + 2 invites to the premiere with VIP seating + a live skype video-call from the set with the cast and crew + a signed behind-the-scenes picture of the cast in action + a hard copy of the stories of Judith Weizner signed by the author PLUS all the previous perks. (The GAFFER is the top dog in the electrical department responsible for the design and execution of the lighting plan for a film.)
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DP Package: $1,000
Get an invitation to spend 3 days on the set + your own custom-made director's chair + 4 VIP tickets to the premiere + a one-on-one coaching session on "How to Pitch Your Project in Hollywood" + one-on-one screenplay analysis on 1 script (for aspiring screenwriters) PLUS all the previous perks. (The DP (Director of Photography) is the head of the camera and lighting crew making decisions on the lighting and framing of scenes.)
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Director Package: $5,000
You ought to be in pictures! So we'll immortalize you by naming a character in the movie after you - or for a business, we'll give you product placement + an invite to spend a week on the set + your own custom-made director's chair + a signed prop from the movie + screenplay analysis on 2 scripts PLUS all the previous perks. (The DIRECTOR is responsible for overseeing all creative aspects of a film. She (in the case of The Incorrect Man) directs the actors, selects the locations, and so much more.)
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Associate Producer Package: $10,000
Welcome to the world of film producing! Get Associate Producer credit in the opening credit sequence and on our website + a featured role in the film with a line of dialogue (enables entry into the Screen Actors Guild) + exclusive first look at the completed shooting script PLUS all the previous perks. (ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit is given to someone who makes a major contribution to the production. That certainly applies to those who contribute at this leve!)
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